Author Spotlight: Ashley Johnson


My name is Ashley Johnson and I live in Lake Charles, La with my fiancée and our three year old daughter. I graduated high school in 2003 and graduated college in 2008 with an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice.

I have a serious addiction to Amazon and iTunes. I love to cook and eat but I guess that’s what I get for living in Louisiana!

I’ve always loved to read and write and that’s what I do 🙂

1.Why do you write?

*I write because I love it. I love bringing characters to life and being able to share them with someone.

2.What was the inspiration behind your book?

*My best friend and I went to the Houston Rodeo in March of this year mainly to see Luke Bryan. We had good seats but they were pretty high. I’m terrified of heights so I stayed glued to my seat the entire time. We watched every event and the idea of a girl meeting a cowboy and possibly falling in love attached itself to me and I thought on it for a while before making it reality.

3.Where do you write?

*I write mainly in my home.

4.Who is your writing inspiration?

*My writing inspiration is grandmother. From the time I was little, she always instilled in me a love of books and reading. I don’t think I’d be doing this today if it weren’t for her.

5.What inspires you while you’re writing?

*I’m easily inspired, it’s mainly music I’m listening to or just seeing something in the store or as I’m driving down the road. I can see the perfect situation and be inspired.

6.Where do you see yourself in five years with your writing?

*In five years, I see myself improving more and more. I see myself putting out books with characters that people will love to read about.

7.If you could cowrite with anyone, who would it be?

* I’d love to cowrite with Abbi Glines or Teresa Mummert. They are two of my favorite authors.

About the Book:

blurb for Ashley’s upcoming book Spurs & Stilettos  planned release is release in early December

·         Hope Trahan has everything she wants and everyone she needs…except her sister and someone who really is deserving of her. Who knew two separate events would turn everything completely upside down? When her best friend drags her down to the rodeo to help clear her head the last thing she expects is to meet a sexy, sweet talking cowboy. That’s not what she came for but fate had other things in mind.

Wesley Tyler owns two national titles and is riding his way to the next. The day he meets Hope, he knows there’s no going back. He soon learns Hope carries ghosts with her she can’t quite shake. She holds things she wishes she could let go of. Wesley just may hold the key to helping her overcome it all. Can he win her over and help mend her broken walls or will her past hold her down?


And A teaser:

“His lips brush lightly against mine. His free hand rests against my stomach. My stomach flutters at his touch as my lips meet his fiercely. A moan escapes my lips as his body presses against mine. “I love you so much Hope, you and our little baby. Nothing on this earth could make me happier. There is nothing or no one on this planet that could take me away from you. If I wasn’t happy you would be the first to know. I’m not that guy who will pull you along for the ride Hope. I thought you knew that.”

I’m so looking forward to this book!!!!!

Go check out Ashley







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